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2 Universe Pro (1024 DMX Channels)

2 Universe Pro (1024 DMX Channels)

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Product Code: 2 Universe Pro



“2 Universe, 1024 DMX channel professional license only”

Please visit the feature matrix for full details:
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The ultraDMX RDM Pro product is a robust single universe bi-directional isolated DMX512 interface communicating with the host computer over USB. An onboard Atmel microcontroller ensures complete timing accuracy and no flickering effects no matter what your computer is doing. RDM functionality is also available by default.


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4Gb USB Security Device

This 4Gb USB memory stick can be used to replace the registration stored on the computer. The first time you run LightFactory with this device connected it will ask you if you want to transfer the registration onto the device. The USB device can then be connected to any PC to register the software.