Build powerful shows with powerful tools

A completely flexible cue system allows you to build shows that run automatically from start to finish without user interaction, or with, as situation dictates.

Fade in, delayed start, dwell, and fade out available for each cue. Each channel can also have its own delayed start and/or fade time. Channels feature intelligent fixtures, which are smart enough to modify only those properties that vary in a cue.

Make outstanding effects

Build a library of lighting effects that can be added to shows for cue playback or run independently from the separate effects runner screen. Several different effects engines provide the best of all worlds.

Expand your current system

Are you constantly hiring larger desks to use moving lights? No Problem! LightFactory grows with your needs. The DMX system can be expanded in blocks of 512 dimmers, while your existing desk can be used to provide up to 1000 sub-masters.

Dynamic control

Because not every show is planned with a set cue list, LightFactory allows you to access effects, palettes and channel groups on-the-fly, for complete control of any situation.

Channel groups can include specific fixture properties (e.g. strobe), with or without the dimmer.

Effect runners can be assigned to an exclusive group to ensure that only one effect in the group will operate at the same time.

Advanced LED & Matrix Control

LightFactory introduces the simplest way to create advanced LED & Matrix effects. Our unique path based editor means you can use you favorite image and video editing software for content and then apply a traveling path to generate the output.

Media Playback

Included as standard is the ability to playback media files directly from your lighting controller. This system allows you to add simple audio and video clips into your show as easy as any lighting effect.