Hire LightFactory Online

Lightfactory Hire is the perfect way to try out the software before purchase or if you only require a lighting controller for the occasional show.

How does it work?

With LightFactory Hire you purchase 12 hour blocks of runtime that will unlock the software and provide you with a fully featured 4 DMX Universe lighting controller. The 12 hours does NOT need to be in one continuous block. If you close the software after using it for 3 hours and start it again the next day you will still have 9 hours of runtime remaining. You can purchase 12, 24, 48 and 120 (5 days) hour blocks at a time to save time and money.

You can also add blocks of time before the current time has run out. If you purchase 24 hours of runtime and then decide that you will need an additional 12, simply purchase the additional time and add it whenever you want.

Hire LightFactory Now