An external application available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC will soon be released to do offline show patching. This tool will retrieve the patch from the system over a network connection and then store a copy of the patch locally. The app does not need to be connected to LF or NEO to make changes to the data. The patch information can be saved locally to remove the requirement of connecting to the system each time the user wants to edit it.

Once the changes have been finished the patch can be pushed back to LF or NEO and updated live. A new option in the “Network settings” tab of the System Properties will allow or prevent patch changes from the Patch Tool.

A patched channel can also be turned on or off (live control) from the interface. This does not require the app to be connected to the system but does require it to be running on the same network and UDP messaging enabled in the software.

The Lightfactory Patch Utility for iOS & Android is a FREE utility provided by Dream Solutions Ltd