LFRemote for iOS & Android


The LightFactory Remote for iPad, iPhone and Android devices is the ultimate control surface for your lighting system. The remote includes a full command line interface, Shortcut page, submaster page and cue playback control. Automatic discovery makes connecting to LightFactory easy and once connected the app will automatically reconnect if the connection is broken. LFRemote works over a standard WiFi network using the robust Telnet protocol. 

  • Zero configuration iOS & Android app
  • Access all of the command line functions.
  • Automatic lookup of groups, palettes, cue lists and macros when entering commands.
  • Colour picker and Pan/Tilt control
  • Dedicated shortcut page (Normal and 4Up mode)
  • Dedicated submaster page
  • Dedicated cue playback page
  • Automatically discovers your LightFactory software

The Lightfactory Remote for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch is a FREE utility provided by Dream Solutions Ltd

Setting up LightFactory to use LFRemote

The only setup required to use the LFRemote system is
to check the option in the System Properties titled 
"Enable Telnet command line interface".

The "System Properties" window can be found in the 
main "options" menu in LightFactory.