LightFactory 2.18 Features

LigthFactory 2.18

This page details all of the new features in version 2.18 of LightFactory

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Version 2.18 is a free upgrade for all version 2 users

Sub Fixtures 

Sub fixtures are a way to work with multi cell lighting fixtures so that you can choose at any stage to think of it as a single fixture or as a range of individual fixtures. A multi cell fixture is a fixture with a number of elements or cells. Each cell has its own set of parameters and can be thought of as its own fixture.

The control channels of this type of fixture typically have master attributes (dimmer, strobe etc) and then each cell will have its own attributes (red, green blue etc).

When one of these fixtures is patched to the software a small round red dot will appear in the bottom right of the channel. This can be used to expand or contract the sub fixtures. If you want to treat the fixture as a whole select it as you would normally. If you want to control specific cells of the fixture expand the display and then select the (point) channels associated with the cells you want.

Sub fixture control extended to the fan tool, profile effects and matrix effects. 

Mobile Interface Builder

This exciting new tool for LightFactory allows you to create your own end user interfaces that deploy automatically to both Android and iOS devices.

Using this tool, you can click and drag buttons, sliders, images, text and switches onto a custom mobile form. You can save as many layouts as you want that are then served to the mobile device from LightFactory.

Open the MyInterface app on your iOS or Android device and a list of available layouts is shown. When selected the layout you created will show and can be used to control your LightFactory system.

To watch the video on this new tool, click here.