LightFactory 2.22 Features

LightFactory 2.21

This page details all of the new features in version 2.22 of LightFactory

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Version 2.22 is a free upgrade for all version 2 users

Magic sheet improvements

A number of changes and enhancements have been made to the magic sheet in LightFactory. The magic sheet can be found in the "View" menu of the Channel Display.

  • Edit boxes have been added to set the width and height of adjustable controls to ensure exact sizing.
  • Magic sheets can now be exported and imported to files.
  • An option has been added to set the scale of the channel number in the magic sheet.
  • Cut, copy and past options have been added to the magic sheet editor.
  • Magic sheets can now be printed directly from the software.

User security changes

Security options have been improved to provide more flexibility when managing users.

  • A new "administrator" flag can be set for any number of users. Non administrators can no longer see passwords or edit admin accounts.
  • Several new security flags have been added to manage access to various parts of the software.


DMXKing ultraDMX RDM Support

The DMXKing ultraDMX RDM Pro interface can now be used with the LightFactory RDM tools. 



Power monitor improvements

When the power monitor window is open this will now report the power usage and weight of the selected fixtures.


Relay management

  • A new "Relay" column has been added to channels in the patch. This can be used to indicate when the channel is powered by a relay. When a relay is set the relay output will automatically be set to an "inverse non dim" dimmer profile.
  • There are new options in the system settings to automatically manage relays configured in the patch. If relays are "managed" then they will automatically be turned on if a fixture using the relay has a level above 0%. All relays will automatically turn off after a set time period (option) of all fixtures that use relays being at 0.
  • An option has been added to turn off all relays if the system is shut down.
  • New options are found in System Properties -> System Settings -> Intermediate.



Direct cue macros

This new column in the cue list window allows every cue to run a simple macro without needing to use shortcuts. Any of the standard command line syntax is supported inside the cue.

Multiple commands can be separated by a semicolon(;) and the macro can be delayed by adding a SLEEP command at the start. e.g. "SLEEP 4;CUE 2/7 GO".


NEO Compact 10 Console

The new Compact 10 console from Strand Lighting will be available as a standalone console or as a USB wing that can connect to NEO PC or LightFactory. For more information please visit