LightFactory 2.11 Features

This page details all of the new features in version 2.11 of LightFactory

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Version 2.11 is a free upgrade for all version 2 users

New Dark Style

To help with using the software is low light environments LightFactory can now be switched into a dark style mode. 

You can switch this mode on and off in the appearance tab of the system properties.

New Gobo, Colour and Item picker

The fixture control window has been enhanced with a new picker control for gobos, colours and static items. The new control will stay open until requested to close and can be expanded to show any number of items.

The new system is also touch friendly and can be scrolled using touch and drag gestures.

Option to set the video and audio level for each cue

When putting video and audio files into a cue you can now set the video intensity and the audio volume. Cross fades between cues will also work with this setting so that a audio file can fade from one level to another.

Per step timing on simple chase effects

The simple chase effect can now be switched to a "Timing per step" mode. In this mode each step of the effect has its own timing parameters. The step time, fade time and fade out time can all be set independently for each step.

Note that when using this mode the step and fade time cannot be overwritten in a playback or cue.

LightShop online integration

LightShop™ is an online database of fixture profiles that can be access directly from within LightFactory.

New registration option -
LightFactory branded memory stick

Soon to be released for sale is the LightFactory branded memory stick. These 4Gb memory sticks are also capable to holding any LightFactory license. The licensed memory stick can be used to move the registration between systems easily and conveniently.

Invert & Mirror Options added to colour fanning

When using the fan options on colour mixing you can now invert the colour range or use the mirror option to make a mirrored rainbow.

Cue Paths

A completely new control element for cues. The cue path system is a convenient way to do a one shot movement or colour path when the cue runs. Each cue can have as many separate paths as required and each path can operate on any number of channels. 

Individual channel timing and delay can also be applied to the path and the Mark flag can be used to preset the start position of movements.

Support for new Enttec USB Pro Mk2

The DMX USB PRO Mk2 is light-weight, portable, and ready for professional applications. The 'Pro2' supports two full universes of DMX512, it can be used as an output to control lights, or as input.