LightFactory 2.7 Features

This page details all of the new features in version 2.7 of LightFactory

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LOOP and EXIT commands for Cue List flow control

The next cue column of the cue list has always been limited to setting what cue will follow next. This allows for out of order cue execution and looping cue list. In addition to this you can now specify the number of times that a loop will occur and also what cue will be executed when the loop ends or the cue GO is executed.

In the above example cue 14 will loop back to cue 10. It will perform this loop 10 times and then execute cue 16. If the cue GO is pressed at any time though this loop then cue 16 will be run. If no loop count is specified then the system will loop indefinitely however pressing the GO will exit the loop to the specified exit cue.

Assign the same submaster to multiple functions


Submasters can now be shared between any part of the software. This means that you can have any number of groups, effect and cue playbacks using the same submaster. This is most useful if you have several effects and you want to use a single rate control for all of them.

The ability to share submasters is an optional parameter in the system properties.

Interface Builder - NOW FREE

We have made the LightFactory interface builder free of charge. If you have an existing LightFactory license you can use this tool to create your own custom interfaces for end user interaction.

Assign shortcuts to each of the tabs in the layout view

The layout view has been enhanced to allow each tab to be assigned a shortcut number. The shortcut can then be used to quickly select a tab (view) of channels. You can set the shortcut either at the time of creating the tab or by double clicking on a tab header. 2.7 now also remembers the zoom setting per tab.

Custom grid size in the cue playback window

When a cue playback is showing a grid you can now set a custom height to see as many cues in that grid as you want. If the playback is in expanded mode you can move the mouse over the bottom of the panel to get a sizing tool. Click and drag the new height you want and the grid will automatically expand to full the space.