LightFactory for Effecient Film and Television Lighting

Film and Television lighting has unique requirements for lighting control. LightFactory has specialist features designed exclusively for this industry to make set lighting as efficient as possible. No more time wasted trying to find lamps and fixtures when the call comes through. LightFactory provides an advanced drill down system that allows you to view your rig at multiple levels. And of course you still have all the other features that make LightFactory a leader in performance lighting.

  • Ethernet based dimming for wireless control.
  • Control up to 32,000 fixtures. And view hundreds of fixtures on a single screen.
  • Grid or top down layout view of channels and fixtures.
  • Ability to assign large arrays of fixtures to a single fixture.
  • Ability to drill into array fixtures for individual control.
  • 5 Different effects systems for specialist lighting and practical’s
  • Park fixtures to ensure they do not accidentally get changed.
  • Undo changes.
  • Record and playback lighting states with minimal effort.
  • Run from PC, Laptop, or Pen based systems.


Richard Ulivella (Gaffer/Chief Lighting Technician/Lighting Designer)

"I recently worked on a short film that required an entire house to be rigged onto dimmers. We had this long Steadicam shot that, due to the length of the move, would have revealed shadows of the camera as it moved through the house and reversed direction. We were able to trigger lightning strikes, a power failure effect, flickering practicals, and camera shadow preventative dimming all from my laptop - wirelessly. There definitely was no other way to achieve the level of flexibility, speed, and creativity on that set without LightFactory."