LightFactory for inspired Houses of Worship

Lighting in houses of worship is as varied as the worship itself. The demands of this environment requries the lighitng console to be a practical archetectual controller one day, a concert desk the next and a theatre board another day. Because LightFactory is at home in all these situations it is the perfect fit for any size venue. The familiar PC interface makes it easy for novice users to understand while its advanced feature set will satisfy even the most demanding event.

  • Unlimited cue lists each able to hold millions of cues
  • Unlimited cue lists playbacks
  • An unlimited number of independent effects can be played at the same time.
  • Fast access to effect playback through customizable effect runner screen.
  • Option to “Prefetch” (move on dark) attributes in the previous cue for each fixture
  • Simple split and cross fading.
  • Dwell and delay times for each cue (separate delay for each fixtures)
  • Follow, MIDI, Audio and timecode triggers
  • Include advanced palettes and position presets into every cues
  • Advanced shortcut system provides instant access to any anything (palettes, cues, fxs etc).
  • Unlimited effects can be included in each cue
  • Cue effects can each have a separate delayed start, fade in and fade out.
  • The same effect can be re-used in different cues with different timing.


Frank Dolansky - Belhaven University - Our Standard is Christ (

"We use LightFactory at Belhaven University for several different styles of events.  These include weekly chapel services, band concerts, dance concerts, theatrical plays, musicals, pageants, classes, and campus meetings.  The ability to have multiple cue lists in one spot makes this easy, as we simply open up a different cue list for each type of event, and can switch back and forth without needing to close the software, or open a different file.  We use conventional luminaires, LEDs, and a few movers.  All of these are easily controlled and programmed with LightFactory.  When I think back to our "older days" of using a conventional lighting console I wince at how difficult and archaic it was.  We upgraded to LightFactory with two universes for less than half of what our original conventional lighting console cost.  Whether you're looking into lighting control for the first time or looking to upgrade an existing system, I'd recommend giving LightFactory major consideration before going with anything else.  It is versatile, easy to set up, and fun to program.  As a bonus, Martin and the crew at LF provides great support."