Sales FAQ

This page contains frequently asked questions regarding the product in general. To view the support FAQ click here.

Q1 - How many fixtures can LightFactory control?

LightFactory currently supports up to 76,800 output dimmers (150 DMX Universes). If you are using intelligent lighting you will find that each fixture uses several dimmers to control it.

Q2 - What is DMX and how is it used in a lighting system?

DMX 512 is the standard protocol by which lighting control desks communicate with lighting equipment. The DMX 512 protocol is a stream of data that is sent via a cable system connected between the data transmitter (LightFactory) and a data receiver, which could be anything ranging from a basic light to intelligent lights, smoke machines, etc

Q3 - What hardware do I need to output DMX with LightFactory?

LightFactory uses the standard DMX 512 protocol to communicate with the equipment it controls. DMX is connected to the LightFactory software via a USB or Ethernet interfaces. See the hardware page for more information.

Q4 - What does LightFactory cost?

LightFactory is priced depending on the number of DMX universes you require. For full pricing information click on the "Purchase" link.

Q5 - Is there a demo version of the software?

LightFactory only requires a registration code to communicate with DMX hardware. The full install of the product can be downloaded from this web site and used free for demo or training purposes. Click here to download the software.

Q6 - What is the minimum PC requirements for running LightFactory?

The minimum system requirements for LightFactory are:
1GHz or greater processor.
1Gb RAM,
Greater than 300Mb of free hard disk space,
Video card and monitor capable of producing 1024 x 768 resolution or greater.

Operating system requirements:
Windows Windows7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit).

Recommended system specification
Dual monitor display system with minimum resolution 1024x768

Q7 - Does LightFactory have any visualization tools included with the software?

The recommended visualization for LightFactory is the Capture console edition. Click here for more information.LightFactory does not have any built in visualization tools but includes native support and full integration with Cast software's WYSIWYG, Light Converse and Capture.


Q8 - How can I add external submasters to the software?

LightFactory supports up to 100.000 submasters. These can be access on screen or by connecting any DMX lighting desk to the system with the USB DMX-IN box or Ethernet DMX in. The faders on the lighting desk can then be used to control the submasters. Submasters are access through 100 pages. E.g. If you connect a 48 channel desk to LightFactory, 4800 submasters are available across 100 pages. You can also access submasters from the Enttec Playback wing or though MIDI fader devices.

Q9 - What is the difference in USB hardware. Why are some more expensive than others?

There are three USB hardware options can be used to get DMX out of your computer. Enttec USB Pro and the Enttec Open USB interface, device and the Cooper controls USB to DMX interface.

The open USB interface is significantly cheaper then the other interface. With this widget, we trust the PC to generate DMX data, other devices use a separate microprocessor to generate DMX. On a lightly loaded PC, with LightFactory we can generate DMX at 40 frames/second. The standard has a maximum of 44 frames/second.

The other devices have their own microprocessor to generate the DMX output and are not reliant on the PC. A constant frame rate will be generated regardless of the PC speed or load.

Q10 - What is the LightFactory upgrade policy?

Purchase of LightFactory entitles you to free upgrades within minor version changes or for 90 days from the date of purchase. If the major version number has not changed you are still entitled to free upgrades regardless of when the software was purchased. If the major version number has changed then you are entitled to upgrade for free if the purchase date is less than 90 days ago. Thereafter upgrades to a major new version are available at a discount to existing customers.

The major version number is the first number in the set. i.e. In the version number 1.2.2 the major version number is 1.

Q11 - Currency?

All prices on this web site are is United States Dollars (USD) unless otherwise specified.