• Up to 32,000 Desk Channels, with every channel able to hold an intelligent fixture
  • 512 - 32,768 Physical DMX Dimmers (Purchased in 512 dimmer blocks)
  • Channel & Dimmer state always saved. Even in a power outage your LightFactory software will return to its last lighting state
  • Each feature is an independent window that allows you to arrange your LightFactory system how you like it. Spread different windows over multiple monitors and the software will remember this setting for next time.
  • Tracking backup system.
  • Full network based multi user system
  • Built in Timecode generator (MTC output)
  • RDM Support
  • Supports industry standard USB and Ethernet DMX interfaces.
    • DMXKing ultraDMX RDM Pro
    • DMXKing ultraDMX micro
    • Enttec Open USB DMX
    • Enttec USB DMX Pro
    • Enttec USB DMX Pro Mk2
    • Peperoni USB to DMX
    • Cooper Controls USB to DMX
    • Philips Entertainment USB to DMX
    • ArtNet DMX over Ethernet
    • PathWay - Pathport DMX over Ethernet
    • sACN (E1.31)
    • ShowNet
    • KiNet
    • ELC Sidekick Too


Input and External Triggers

  • Attach a standard DMX based lighting desk to add up to 10000 sub-masters
  • Access channels, groups, cues, effects, and macros quickly and easily through shortcuts. (100 pages of 100 shortcuts) Implemented onscreen or through the LightFactory shortcut keyboard.
  • Scroll-wheel-dimming feature makes for smooth dimmer control
  • Access command interface from anywhere on the network through a standard Telnet session
  • PC Audio trigger
  • MIDI Note and Control Change trigger
  • Winamp, SMPTE, MIDI and Intrenal Timecodes
  • Telnet interface for remote and 3rd party applications
  • ChilliNet & iCAN support
  • VisionNet
  • Contact Closures
  • mySQL support for web based triggers
  • Enttec Playback, Shortcut & Program wings


Command Interface

  • Access channels and intelligent fixture attributes from a simple command interface.
  • Context help popup for all commands
  • The last 100 commands can be viewed in a history window.
  • Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard (or shortcut keyboard) to access previously executed commands


Intelligent Fixtures

  • Full 16 bit control.
  • Easy to customize fixture library.
  • Ability to assign a picture to every fixture for easy recognition.
  • Actual colors can be assigned to DMX values for quick access
  • Actual images of gobo's can be assigned to DMX values for quick access
  • All features have access to real DMX values and helper values


Patching control

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Patch multiple fixtures in one drag drop operation
  • Simple graphical display of what's patched
  • View an image of the fixture for easy recognition
  • Ability to modify the profile curve for every channel
  • Separate patch available for visualiser
  • Simple pan & tilt adjustment (flip pan, flip tilt, swap pan etc)
  • Additional information can be stored with every channel - purpose, colour, power, unit #, fixture type, weight, circuit, dimmer phase, accessories and 3 additional generic data fields.


Channel Access

  • View more than 450 Channels on a standard 1200 x 1024 display.
  • View only the attributes related to that channel when an intelligent fixture is assigned.
  • Click and drag channel selection
  • Undo, Invert, select active, select inactive, select all, unselect all options
  • Channel on, off, solo and DBO buttons
  • Inclusive and Exclusive selection modes
  • Access groups of channels quickly by assigning a shortcut key or selecting from a drop down menu
  • Intelligent fixture control visible only when an intelligent fixture is selected.
  • Ability to modify generic parameters of multiple fixtures at once
  • Ability to dock the intelligent fixture control to the channel window or leave it floating free.
  • Quick access to creating new channel groups, cues, palettes, selection shortcuts and effects.
  • Switch between traditional character, compact or detailed view of the channels.
  • Switch to a layout view (drag and drop fixtures into position) that includes cad symbols of each fixture
  • Layout view supports multiple tabs
  • Copy channel state to temporary memory, restore, load state from cue options.
  • Easy fan fixture controls
  • Displays a picture of each fixture for quick reference.
  • Optimize for a touch screen


Channel Groups

  • Unlimited* number of channel groups.
  • Groups can be labels for easy recognition
  • Any / All channels can be assigned to a group
  • A fade time for each group can be assigned
  • Available group modes include ? Build, Override, Exclusive, Highest Takes Precedence, Independent, Inhibit and Hue(LTP).
  • Groups can be assigned to any of the 10000 sub-masters
  • Groups can be assigned to a shortcut key as selection shortcuts, toggle and apply.
  • Select all, Unselect all, Select inactive, and Select active options.
  • Group channels can apply to any fixture attribute. E.g. A group may control only the dimmer, pan control, or both.
  • Sort group view by any field



  • Unlimited* macros can be created to run commands through the system
  • Shortcuts can be assigned to a macro for running the macro anywhere within the software.
  • Additional commands are available in macros to help build useful tools. E.g. Sleep will cause the macro engine to delay executing the next command.
  • C++ style comments can be added anywhere within a macro
  • Nested loops can be included in the macro
  • Variable system allows for dynamic macros.


Dimmer View

  • Debug any operation by viewing the output dimmers directly.
  • View more than 1000 dimmers on a standard 1200 x 1024 display


Shows / Cues

  • Unlimited* cue lists can be created to split up a show into manageable units.
  • Each cue list supports up to 9999999999 cues with 3 decimal places of point cues. (Cues 0.000 through to 9999999.999)
  • Each cue can contain an unlimited* number of channels
  • Each cue can contain an unlimited* number of effects, groups and shortcuts
  • Full tracking or hybrid tracking modes
  • Auto follow and part cues.
  • Cues can wait for user interaction or continue automatically.
  • Completely flexible run order allows cues to be rearranged into any order
  • Each cue can have its own delayed start, fade in, dwell, fade out, and effects delay start.
  • Each channel within a cue can be assigned a delayed start and override fade time
  • Every attribute in a cue can have a different fade time for complex timing.
  • Each effect within a cue can be assigned a delayed start, override length and whether the effect will loop until the cue ends.
  • "Auto Mark" function can be used to automatically setup intelligent fixtures.
  • Include full palette reference for every attribute.
  • Rich text cue notes.
  • Scene breaks.


Cue List Playback Interface

  • Access any number of cue lists through a simple interface.
  • Each playback can be assigned a cue list and starting cue number
  • Each playback has a bold description (editable) to make identification easy.
  • Each playback has a progress bar and time indicator to show position through the cue. Also displayed is the current cue number and next cue number.
  • Each playback includes ? Go, Stop, Back, and Reset.
  • Individual shortcuts can be assigned to Go, Stop, Back, and Reset
  • Each playback can be assigned a go sub-master. Go sub-masters override the fade time of a cue and use the sub-master position as the transition point between cues.
  • Each playback can be assigned a fade sub-master. Fade sub-masters override the dimmer level of all channels in the cue. Fade sub-masters do not affect intelligent fixture properties



  • Ability to set a shortcut key to quickly apply fixture attributes. E.g. Setup you favorite CMY colors or Gobo's for quick access.
  • Option to apply palettes to a fixed list of channels / fixtures or to the selected channels
  • Palettes can be referenced in cues.
  • Palettes are completely generic and can be applied to any fixture. The software will calculate how to apply the palette to the fixture.


Effects Engine

  • Unlimited* number of effects can be created and used within the system
  • Effects are automatically grouped into their type
  • Any number of labels can be added to help with finding effects
  • Multiple effects systems
    • Effects are built using a unique sequence type editor that gives the user a simple graphical view of time vs fixture.
    • Chases can be created using a simple interface.
    • Profile effects can be used to create complex effects on a large number of fixtures very quickly
    • Matrix/LED effect
    • Audio and Video Playback effect
  • Effects can be tested within the editor to ensure timing is as expected
  • Intelligent fixtures will automatically work out when they are free to prepare for the next time the dimmer is on. During a dark period of the effect the fixture will automatically setup properties such as pan, tilt, and color for the next segment.
  • Use the auto-effect option to create simple chase sequences.
  • The advanced path editor can be used to create moving light sequences.
  • Each fixture can have its start offset for even more control.
  • Matrix/LED effects can play video files and live video capture mapped to LED array
  • Multiple audio effects can be played simultaneously.


Effect Playbacks Interface

  • An unlimited* number of effect playbacks can be created in the system
  • A compact interface allows the user to maximize the number of effects that can be controlled from one view.
  • Each playback shows a description, the effect name, how long the effect runs, and what shortcuts are assigned.
  • Each effect playback provides back, play, and pause control.
  • When an effect is running a timer indicates progress
  • Each effect runner can be assigned a shortcut. When an effect is not running the shortcut will play the effect. Pressing the shortcut again will pause and pressing it twice within 1 second will cause the effect to return to its start position. (back)
  • A sub-master can be assigned to an effect runner to control the overall dimmer intensity.
  • An exclusive group can be assigned to make sure only one effect is running within that group.
  • Assigning exclusive group 0 will allow the effect to run independently of all other runners.
  • Effect length can be adjusted and rescaled per runner.
  • Playbacks can be set to one of 3 different sizes.


Task Scheduler & User Security

  • Schedule lighting events in real time for operator free playback
  • Simple wizard helps to build tasks
  • Run events one off, every few minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Ability to lockout users from any part of the software to prevent tampering.


Other features

  • Power meters can track how much power you are using and automatically scale back the grand master to prevent overloading
  • Colours can be selected from industry gel library
  • Built in touch screen keyboard
  • Live video preview window
  • All window positions and size can be saved an recalled at a the press of a button



  • All show information stored in a Firebird SQL database.
  • Built in backup of the SQL database every time the software closes.
  • Access all show information via MS Excel, MS Access, or any reporting package such as Crystal Reports through ODBC
  • The current show is always being saved to an internal show.