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LF50 package

LF50 package

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“LF50 package, incl 1 Universe ultraDMX micro USB-DMX dongle”

LF50 package includes 256 DMX channels LightFactory License.
1 Universe ultraDMX MAX USB-DMX dongle and 3pin to 5pin converter

  • 256 DMX Channels
  • 256 Desk/Fixture Channels
  • USB to DMX interface included (3pin)
  • 3pin to 5pin DMX adapter included
  • Built in library of over 3000 fixtures
  • Video & Audio Playback
  • MIDI support

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This 4Gb USB memory stick can be used to replace the registration stored on the computer. The first time you run LightFactory with this device connected it will ask you if you want to transfer the registration onto the device. The USB device can then be connected to any PC to register the software.

Note: This product is not required for LF25 and LF50 packages. For both of these products the license code is pre insatlled onto the USB to DMX device.